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The BP Supercars All Star E-Series is off to a roaring start. In week two, Max Verstappen joined the Wildcard lineup. Last week, European driver Simona de Silvestro took to the road. This week, Supercars has something special. Straight from the winners’ circles in NASCAR, Indy 500, and Supercars, three champions will be lining up to take on the virtual series.

NASCAR, Indy, and Supercars legends join the track

For tonight’s round four of the series, three driving legends from different categories are joining the competition. Joey Logano and Alex Rossi from the U.S. are two of this week’s wildcards. Logano is a NASCAR champion and Rossi won the Indy 500 in 2016. Joining them is Supercars legend Marcos Ambrose who won the Supercars Championship in 2003 and 2004.

Each of the three drivers has an incredible amount of experience. Logano has driven Ford and Toyota in the NASCAR series, and is the youngest ever winner in two of NASCAR’s three categories. Alex Rossi on the other hand competes in the IndyCar Series. He’s also previously raced in Formula 1, sports cars, off-road racing, and competed in the Supercars 2019 season in the Bathurst 1000. Marcos Ambrose has lots of experience with the Supercars as a former champion. All three drivers show real promise and will be a tough match for the rest of the drivers on the grid.

BP All Star E-Series to date

The series has already spanned three weeks. In that time, plenty of drivers have had their time in the spotlight. But none like Scott McLaughlin. As predicted, his experience in sim racing is certainly proving too much for many. McLaughlin is on top of the leaderboard with 759 points, 89 points clear of Cameron Waters. Will McLaughlin be able to keep up his winning streak? You can check out all the results including the pole position winner on the Supercars website.

Indy and NASCAR winners come to Supercars tonight Joey Logano Alex Rossi Marcos Ambrose

Tune in tonight for the BP Supercars All Star E-Series. Will McLaughlin triumph again? Or will one of the wildcards step in to take his place? You can watch all the action on Fox Sports 506, Kayo Sports, Sky Sports NZ, 10 Play, and the Supercars Facebook page. Let us know who you think will be crowned victorious for this series.

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