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With the free agency in-between the last Overwatch League season and this one, a lot of players have left the league. This includes Jin-ui “im37” Hong, a player made famous by his fast climb from Open Division to the big league. After being signed to the Toronto Defiant last season (and being locked in Brigitte jail), he got released during the off-season. While some aspects of his play attracted attention, he didn’t get picked up by any Overwatch League team. Not until recently. The Boston Uprising have signed im37 to their academy team.

The Korean Meteorite

The story of im37 is something we covered when he got signed — the speedrun from Open Division team Wave Check to one game for Second Wind and straight to the Toronto Defiant afterwards. Unfortunately, as most DPS players were last season, they were needed to play Brigitte. This led to many players playing worse than usual, being forced to learn a new role and character for the team.

Im37 was in that category, and it affected what other teams thought of him for the third season. Not getting picked up immediately, im37 eventually signed with Chinese Contenders team Light Gaming. But his time there was short, ending under a month later with this signing.

The Uprising Academy are getting a player that is better than shown last year, plus a bilingual one between Korean and English. With the Uprising Academy needing a DPS player, this signing is a good pickup, as most of the community noted as well. If any players should get a second chance in the league, im37 and his potential should. He will have to prove himself in Contenders and hope for a call up, but the chance is as good as any. For all we know, he could be in the league again tomorrow.

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