IEM Sydney recap day 1: Aussies knocked out, NiP and Mousesports burn
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As day 1 of IEM Sydney concludes, only four teams remain.

Much to the despair of Australian fans, both Chiefs and Grayhound are out of IEM Sydney. The Aussies fought well, both losing to Fnatic. The Chiefs didn’t make it past the group stages. Despite this result, the team was seen back at work the next day. They’ll be training to fight back even smarter and harder.

Grayhound Gaming on the other hand ran a little further than the Chiefs. An epic battle between Grayhound and FaZe Clan saw the match taken to a tiebreaker. The hounds prevailed and defeated last year’s winners, FaZe. Fnatic remained the gatekeepers of Qudos Bank Arena, defeating the locals on the third map. Fans weren’t disappointed however as map two went to overtime. Some epic displays of skill were on show for all. If you missed out, catch all the action and replays at IEM Sydney 2019 Live.

Group stages and semi finals

After the conclusion of the group stages, six teams were left standing for the stage playoffs. The international teams prevail once again. Team Liquid, the Australian first-timers, are at the top of the list. They are set to be the favorites of the tournament. NiPGaming, NRGgg, MIBR, Mousesports, and FNnatic all got through the group stages.

Fans streamed into Qudos Bank Arena to watch the first live offline games, with MIBR and Mousesports gracing the stage first. More games headed into overtime and the spectators simply couldn’t get enough. The atmosphere was said to be electric with one of the best displays of esports Australia has seen. MIBR defeated Mousesports 2-0, whilst Fnatic cleaned up the Swedish Ninjas. But all was not lost. Both these epic matches were crowd-pleasers.

Day 2 marks the semi finals. The Ninjas and Mouz are already out. Fans are placing bets on a Liquid-Fnatic grand final. Who do you think will win IEM Sydney and take their place at the World Championships?

There’s only one way to find out. Follow all the action on Twitch and stay tuned with us for player interviews, results and more.

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