IEM Sydney: Aussies beat England, ORDER wins Overwatch Contenders
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The Aussies win on home turf.

The Caches have been an exciting showcase event at IEM Sydney. A classic rivalry, The Caches feature the best players from Australia and the UK. Played in front of a packed crowd, everything is on the line in this best-of-one. This is now the third year running and has been a huge success.

Aussie favorites Grayhound and Renegades both had players represented on stage. The crowd was wild with action, and it was all one-sided:

Whilst there is amazing skill displayed, this is ultimately a showcase of fun. The players have the chance to show off their skills and enjoy some gameplay without the added pressure of a major competition. Aussie fans could be seen with flags and merch, yelling chants through the crowd. England’s coach was bantering with one of his teammates, throwing sunglasses around, and revving up the spectators. The Australians took the win on home ground. It was a great way to get the fans excited for the Liquid vs. FNATIC grand final.

More great results and interviews from IEM Sydney will follow. If you haven’t caught up on all the action, see our day one and two recaps, and watch every minute live on Twitch. Plus check out our chat with Mousesports’ woxic.

ORDER win Overwatch Contenders Australia

Whilst there’s a lot of CS:GO action at IEM Sydney, Overwatch featured too. Cosplayers were in attendance and the Overwatch Contenders Australia finals were played on stage. Currently, Australia is in its second year of the Overwatch Contenders. ORDER played against the Sydney Dropbears just hours before the CS:GO finals. ORDER defeated the Dropbears, crowning them the Overwatch Contenders 2019 Season 1 Champions. They take home $30,000 USD and earn a spot at the Overwatch Contenders 2019: Pacific Showdown later this month. ORDER were happy with the win, having lost to the Dropbears in last season’s grand final.

For more Overwatch action, check out the latest All-Star skin releases as well as the 2019 All-Star lineup.

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