IEM Chicago kicks off Intel Grand Slam Season 3 with new rules
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IEM Chicago is nearly upon us, and it seems Intel Grand Slam Season 3 is as well.

Intel Grand Slam is an elusive achievement that has been previously won by Astralis (Season 1) and Team Liquid (Season 2). The reward for winning the Grand Slam is a staggering $1,000,000. Previously, teams such as Astralis or Team Liquid were required to win any four tournaments that were a part of the Intel Grand Slam. These included various IEMs, ESL One tournaments, Dreamhacks, and ESL Pro League.

However, the rules have been altered ahead of the newest season. Teams will have to work hard to obtain this reward, as the path to winning the prize has increased.


The new rules

A team can still win the third season of Intel Grand Slam with four tournament wins. The catch is that one of the four events must be either a win at ESL One Cologne, IEM Katowice, or a Valve Major hosted by ESL or DreamHack. Moreover, the four victories must come over a span of ten consecutive events.

The other condition is winning any six events belonging to the list, over the span of ten consecutive events. Despite not having to win IEM Katowice, ESL One Cologne, or a major, this condition may be more difficult. After all, it requires a team to win over half of the events.

Michał Blicharz (mbCARMAC), the VP of ESL, has spoken about the new rules on Twitter. He highlights that both Astralis and Team Liquid would have won their Grand Slams even if these new rules had applied back then.

The new rules are to prevent a team from winning four tournaments that aren’t as prestigious as the others and snatching the Intel Grand Slam. This has not happened up until now, but such a situation may have taken place in the future.

What do you think of the new rules of Intel Grand Slam Season 3? Who will triumph at IEM Chicago? Let us know down in the comments below! And, as always, follow us at Daily Esports for all the latest news in the esports world.