HyperX is heading to PAX Aus with Lachlan and new keystrokes
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HyperX has jumped on board the non-endemic esport train. After announcing Post Malone as their ambassador last year, they’ve signed on some very notable people. Some of these include NBA’s Joel Embiid and Gordon Hayward. This ties into HyperX’s notion of “We’re all gamers.” It’s not just about the pros, but all the casual gamers too. Earlier in September, HyperX signed on Australia’s first ambassador: “Lachlan.” And you can catch him at PAX Aus.

Lachlan joins the team

The man known simply as Lachlan is a YouTuber from Australia. He’s got over 12 million subscribers and typically plays Fortnite. Lachlan is most well known for his entertaining gameplay, positive attitude, and family-friendly channel. He’s also into fashion and has his own clothing line titled “Power by Lachlan”. HyperX has announced it will be at PAX Aus this year with Lachlan. Whilst there will be no booth, HyperX has scheduled panels and fan meetups. Lachlan is very excited to join the diverse team at HyperX:

I’ve been using HyperX peripherals throughout my gaming career, and it’s super exciting to be working with a brand whose products I really believe in. The HyperX team have always been big supporters of me and my viewers, and I’m thrilled to be their first Australian brand ambassador.

During its time at PAX, HyperX will be giving away peripherals. Anime-like videos are very characteristic of this brand, and Lachlan’s very own animated video will be revealed at PAX Aus. The video of the current brand ambassadors will have Lachlan’s added after PAX.

New products, new technology

As more brands build and produce peripherals, there comes a need for companies to innovate. Like one such brand that released their own special keystrokes, HyperX has designed its own. In August, the HyperX Aqua mechanical switches were launched at GamesCon. The Aqua fits into the HyperX line of switches with the red (linear) switch being revealed earlier in the year. The new Aqua (tactile) switches are featured on the Alloy Origins mechanical gaming keyboard. It’s already available in the U.S., but Aussie fans will have to wait until November to get their hands on the Alloy. The Aqua keys are stronger, faster, and brighter. They’ve been rated for 80 million clicks. So unless you’re bashing your keyboard against a brick wall 24/7, these switches should last you a while.

To complement the keyboard, HyperX has announced the PulseFire mouse lineup and heaps of Cloud products. The Cloud headset lineup includes the Cloud for PS4 and the CloudX and CloudX Stringer Core for Xbox. There are tons of new things, and the best way to see them all is at PAX Aus.

HyperX at PAX Aus

Sunday of PAX Aus is the day to look out for. Lachlan will be on site with HyperX meeting fans and talking about his role as an ambassador. There are some prizes on offer and HyperX will be showcasing new videos for fans. There’s no booth for HyperX this year, but you’ll have the chance to play against Lachlan instead!

HyperX isn’t the only thing to get excited about for PAX. Alienware, Razer, Fortress Melbourne, RIG Gaming, and plenty of others have been confirmed. Tickets are almost sold out, so get in quick. It’s going to be one action-packed PAX Aus and you don’t want to miss out. If you aren’t getting tickets to PAX or you can’t make the trip to Australia, watch some of the festivities on the official Twitch channel.

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