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HyperX went beyond the gaming realm once again. Before, it collaborated with influencers like Post Malone and sports stars. Then, it launched a line of clothing from Champion. The company released its second line of apparel in partnership with Champion on July 9, 2020, and the collection completely sold out in just one week.

HyperX and Champion Partnership

This line of clothing was exclusively available on the Champion Store and HyperX store. While the first line was only available in select countries, this second line was internationally available in over 100 countries.

The new line included a hoodie, T-shirt, and Champion’s beloved “sliders”—RGB, reflective, and super comfy. David Robertson, the Champion Director for Global Brand Marketing is keen to be part of this partnership:

Champion® Athleticwear is thrilled to partner with HyperX on this distinctive limited edition collection. This innovative design gives us a new way to connect with Champion fans who love gaming. Through this partnership and expanded product line with HyperX, we look forward to further engaging with the gaming community.

We can see Robertson hints at more things to come for gamers. If you missed out on this one, be sure to keep your eyes peeled.

More from Champion

It’s not just HyperX that Champion has its eye on. The new line of 2020 apparel for PAX Aus and PAX West also features clothing from the iconic sports brand. They have a whole line of esports jerseys for players to customize. The company has also collaborated with Fnatic in the past.

What will come next from brands like Champion? What look do you want to rock? Make sure you don’t miss out on the next exciting line of apparel. When those links go live, make sure you’re there with your credit card in hand.

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