Hype Unit wins Paladins Console Wars 2019 with perfect 72-0 season
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The Console Wars event 2019 took place yesterday, wrapping up the Paladins Console League season. The victory went to team Hype Unit at the end of an incredibly dominant season showing. They did not drop a single map, going for an incredible 72-0 season record.

Hype Unit had to wrestle the PCW victory from Cyclone and Flash Point. Flash Point showed great resolve in what was possibly their toughest matchup of the season. They played some seriously cerebral Paladins, especially in trying to dismantle Hype Unit’s options in draft. In the end, they were able to serve Hype Unit their only game loss in the series. Considering how stacked against them the odds were, this was a big victory in itself. The match ended with a 3-1 in favor of Hype Unit.

Hype Unit attribute some of their success both during the regular season and in Console Wars to regular scrims against their PC teammates. 72-0 is an incredible record and not something any team can achieve just through clever play. The team put on a clinic, including some amazing Tyra and Ash plays. It really showed what just grinding the fundamentals can achieve at the highest levels of competitive Paladins.

Paladins Console Wars

Paladins Console Wars is a standalone event that serves as the end of the Paladins Console League season. PCW rewards are also separate from the main Paladins World Championship prize pool. Win or lose, all PCW teams get to move on to possibly quality for the 2019 Paladins World Championship at DreamHack Atlanta.

Hype Unit will face off against the Pittsburgh Knights today at day one of the PWC 2019 placement round. Hype Unit are cautiously optimistic, saying they are expecting a close set. Their Paladins Minor League sister team will take on Kanga Esports during the same round of qualifying matches.

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