Hyeon "EFFECT" Hwang retires from the Overwatch League
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This is a sad day for Dallas Fuel fans, and fans of mechanically skilled players in the Overwatch League. Hyeon “EFFECT” Hwang has officially retired from professional Overwatch, he announced in a detailed post on Facebook.

What led to this?

EFFECT was originally picked up as part of the Team Envy roster from Contenders just before the league started. People know him as an insanely skilled mechanical Tracer and McCree player, but he’s also known to be quite emotional. That showed in the first season, as he had mental health issues and went to his home in Korea to recuperate. But most fans, especially Fuel fans, couldn’t wait until he recovered and played again. Even with Dallas Fuel’s surprise stage four results last season, Effect wasn’t played every match and they ended the season by barely losing to the New York Excelsior in the stage four playoffs.

An off-season to relax, stream and play more Overwatch seemed like a blessing for Effect. But the meta was unforgiving. Three tank, three support comps were dominant, with most DPS players having to learn either Zarya or Brigitte at the top tier. EFFECT wasn’t shy to say how much he hated Brigitte as a hero, starting the hashtag movement #DeleteBrig.

As the second season started, his Zarya play wasn’t great and was benched over fellow teammate Dylan “aKm” Bignet. With the stage ending and almost no playing time in sight, EFFECT’s issues came to light and he posted a heartfelt message on Facebook.

What now?

EFFECT is still a loved social figure in the league, with a big fan-base. He was one of two confirmed LGBTQ players in the league, along with Austin “Muma” Wilmot. His love for anime, cute things, and Hatsune Miku are something fans have attached themselves to. It also helps that he is a naturally funny guy who streams a decent amount.

Make sure to check out his Twitch stream and give him some love.

Popular Contenders player Gabriel “Swimmer” Levy summed the impact that EFFECT had on many people with this tweet.

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