Huhi has been released from the 100 Thieves roster
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After only one year with the 100 Thieves roster, Choi “Huhi” Jae-Hyun has officially been released by the organization. After placing tenth in the LCS standings with a 4-14 record, it seems as though 100 Thieves will move to rebuild, starting with the mid lane.

Struggles in the 2019 Spring split

After a three-year stint with the CLG organization, Huhi joined 100 Thieves to build a roster with promise. Not only was Huhi on a team with his friend Zaqueri “Aphromoo” Black, but the roster of Kim “Ssumday” Chan-ho, Bae “Bang” Jun-sik, and Andy “AnDa” Hoang looked as though they may be able to make a move for the top of the standings.

Unfortunately, the roster never lived up to expectations. Many members of the 100 Thieves roster were under scrutiny, including Huhi, Aphromoo, and AnDa.

Huhi has a lot of prior experience, including a 2016 World Championship appearance, and playoff appearances in the Spring 2017 and Sumer 2017 seasons. CLG lost in the 2017 North American Regional Finals in a 1-3 series against Cloud9.

Going forward

It is unclear if and where Huhi might end up in the LCS for next year. Huhi’s less-than-stellar performance in the mid lane doesn’t seem to make him a large target, however. Particularly in a league that is dominated by big names in mid, he may first be offered a role on an LCS academy team.

However, Huhi provides some benefits to a team that might welcome him in. Because he speaks both English and Korean, he could be a valuable team member for in-game communication. On top of this, Huhi was granted a visa in 2018, allowing him to become a North American resident, and not occupy an import spot on an LCS team.

100 Thieves now has the opportunity to look at replacements for Huhi. Some players that may be targeted include Clutch Gaming’s Tanner “Damonte” Damonte, C9’s Greyson “GoldenGlue” Gilmer, Echo Fox’s David “Yusui” Bloomquist, and Team SoloMid’s Nicholas “Ablazeolive” Abbott.

Who do you think 100 Thieves should pick up as their new mid lane player? Do you think we can expect other changes to their roster? We’ll keep you updated on any more roster changes!