How Valorant is working to bring more to the in-game store
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The Valorant in-game store has been a work-in-progress ever since the game released into closed beta. While Riot’s new title has seen an explosive release, we haven’t seen much progress on the store. According to revenue lead Joe Lee, though, players can expect to see new weapons, skins, and more coming to the in-game store.

According to a post on Valorant‘s blog, Lee and the Premium Content team are hard at work at bringing new content to the game. Players will use Valorant Points, or VP, as the premium currency to purchase content. Those familiar with Riot Games’ other properties, League of Legends and Legends of Runeterra, will find the system similar.

The Valorant store will rotate through weapons and skins in two different sections: Featured items and Offers. Featured items will change every two weeks, while Offers are only available for two or three days.

How customization affects Valorant

Lee emphasizes that no optional content will affect gameplay. “While the characteristics of a weapon might change when customized by a skin (model, animation, visual effects, audio), these features are not intended to provide positive or negative advantage to a player,” said Lee. “If we find any skin does cross this line, know it was accidental and that we will adjust.”

The most intriguing aspect of Valorant‘s customization options is that other players can only see changes made to your character model. All other changes are for the player’s benefit. Everything from custom reload and equip animations to visual and sound effects will have no impact on other players. This means that players don’t have to memorize different effect sounds for different skins or weapons. Sage’s footsteps will always sound the same.

Radianite Points and the battle pass

Riot Games will also be introducing a new element to the game called Radianite Points. You can use these points to evolve certain weapons skins. Players can unlock additional levels with these points to change visual and audio effects, alter animations, and add unique finishers. The main way players will earn Radianite Points is through the battle pass, but more can be purchased in the store.

When Valorant launches for real sometime in the near future, the Battle Pass will provide players a chance to earn new cosmetics. There will be a free track available to everyone, as well as a paid one for those who want it. What Riot calls the “full battle pass” won’t be available until Valorant officially launches. This does seem to leave open the chance for the beta itself to host part of a battle pass or even just the free option.

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