How to watch the LEC Summer 2021 finals
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The League of Legends European Championship Summer 2021 final weekend is happening from August 28-29, with the remaining teams playing for seeding in the 2021 League of Legends World Championships and the final 2021 LEC title. 

Rogue, Fnatic and MAD Lions remain out of the six teams that entered this tournament. Starting with the losers bracket finals between Rogue and Fnatic, then the winner will face MAD Lions. MAD Lions won their winner’s bracket finals game to reach the finals and have guaranteed a spot in the group stages at Worlds. Either way, the winner of that match will get the LEC 2021 Summer championship title.

Just like the LCS, this tournament is also double elimination, albeit with six teams fighting instead of eight. After starting at the semi-finals in the winner’s bracket, these three final teams fight for better seeding at the 2021 League of Legends World Championships and the LEC Summer 2021 title.

Final chance to improve for Worlds

For game times, it starts with Rogue versus Fnatic. The losers bracket finals start on August 28 at 11 AM EST. Then, the winner will face MAD Lions for the title of LEC 2021 Summer champion on Aug.29, at 11 AM EST. Whoever loses in the first match places third, and whoever wins the next one gets the coveted title and first place. Games will be broadcast on Twitch and the lolesports website.

Even with each team qualifying automatically for Worlds, whoever wins matters. The team that loses in the losers bracket finals (either Rogue or Fnatic) will be in the play-ins for the 2021 World Championship. The other two teams, the ones in the LEC Summer 2021 Finals, make it to the Worlds group stages. So, the first match this weekend determines who has to go through another round of competition to reach the top. The true finals just determine their seeding in the group stages. We’ll see who wins the LEC Summer 2021 title and makes their path to the championship a little easier.

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