How to warm yourself by the fireplace in Fortnite Winterfest
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Winterfest has been live for a little under a week in Fortnite, and so far the reception has been great. Fans are enjoying the extra interaction with the event, as the Cabin provides another location to look around. However, it wouldn’t be a Fortnite event without some challenges to complete. The previous days’ challenges haven’t been too difficult, and neither is today’s Day 5 challenge. In order to get the reward for Dec. 22, you need to warm yourself by the fireplace in the Winterfest Cabin. Here’s how to do exactly that and earn yourself a brand new winter-themed back bling.

Warm yourself by the Winterfest Cabin fireplace

If you know what to do, this challenge is an absolute breeze. However, some don’t know how to complete this challenge, which is why we’re here. The first step in completing the Day 5 challenge is making your way to the Winterfest Cabin. You can do so from the Fortnite lobby.

Fortnite v11.31 update Winterfest

Once you’re in the Cabin, click on one of the stockings and receive the challenge for Day 5. Then locate the fireplace and move your cursor over to it. You will see an option to click on the fireplace, which you need to do. After you’re facing the fireplace, wait for the challenge icon to appear saying you’ve completed the challenge. If you see that message, you’re done and you can move away from the fireplace.

The reward for the fireplace challenge

Once you leave the Winterfest Cabin, head on over to your locker, specifically the back bling section. If you’ve done the Day 5 challenge, you should see the 2020 Kickflip Festive Doggo style of back bling waiting for you.

Fortnite Winterfest fireplace reward

That’s how you complete the “warm yourself at the Winterfest Cabin fireplace” challenge in Fortnite! Make sure to keep up with Daily Esports for more Winterfest challenge guides and all future Fortnite news.

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