How to wait and skip time in Starfield
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Sometimes, you need to pass the time to complete a quest or let a vendor restock their supplies in Starfield. There are a few quests that require you to return to a location at a specific time, and while you can run around waiting for that time to arrive, there is an easy way to skip time. This is commonly referred to as the “wait” system in Starfield, and it allows players to instantly move the clock forward.

However, unlike previous Bethesda games, this system cannot be accessed by pressing a single button. Instead, players need to follow a specific series of steps to skip time and wait in Starfield. Below, you can see exactly what steps to follow.

How to wait in Starfield

There is some good and bad news when it comes to waiting in Starfield. The good news is that you can easily access the system, but the bad news is that it requires you to visit a specific location.

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To wait in Starfield, you need to find a bed. That’s right, to skip time in-game, you need to sleep and watch the clock move forward. You can find a bed on whatever spaceship you are currently using, but there are certain cities that come equipped with hotel rooms for you to sleep in. Neon, Akila City, and Crucible are a few of the cities that offer rooms for however long you need. Although, I always found that fast traveling to my ship and using the bed there was the simplest choice.

How to wait and skip time in Starfield
The option to wait in Starfield. | Screenshot via Upcomer

Once you’re in front of a bed, interact with it and you will be able to set what time your character will wake up. Unfortunately, you can only set the time to the hour, so you won’t be able to adjust the minute you wake up.

After setting a time, you will watch the clock progress to that time. When the time you set is reached, you can get up from the bed and the in-game clock will be whatever you set it to. It’s that easy, but it can be a pain to fast travel to your ship just to get access to a bed every time you want to skip time in Starfield.

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