How to use the Slingbow in Nightingale
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One of the first things you can do when you get to your first Realm in Nightingale is set up your base. This involves placing a Campfire, shelter, and a Simple Workbench to get you started with crafting. While you’re able to upgrade all of your tools, you can also craft your first real weapon in Nightingale, the Slingbow.

The Slingbow is a like a crossbow, firing a single shot of ammunition at a target. After you shoot, you have to reload the bow to fire again. While it’s primitive, the Slingbow is your first dedicated weapon in Nightingale, so it’s definitely worth crafting and assigning a spot on your hotbar. However, when you attempt to use the Slingbow, it can be slightly confusing.

Crafting the Slingbow in Nightingale

Screenshot via Upcomer

Before you can think about using the weapon, though, you need to know how to craft it. First off, you need to a build a Simple Workbench, which can be placed in your base and is available from the “Building” section of your Guidebook. I recommend placing the Simple Workbench on some sort of foundation and under shelter, as this prevents any debuffs from hindering your workbench’s effectiveness.

With your Simple Workbench placed, go to craft an item on it and you’ll see the recipe for the Simple Slingbow, which is as follows:

Screenshot via Upcomer

You can find a Wood Bundle by chopping down a tree with your axe while Straps are crafted by using Hide at a Tanning Station, which is another station you can place down in your base. If you have the necessary resources, you can place them in the Slingbow’s ingredient slots at the workbench and press “Craft.” After a couple of seconds, you can collect your Slingbow from the bench and assign it to a slot on your hotbar.

Using the Slingbow in Nightingale

While you now have your Slingbow, you don’t have any ammunition for it. The only ammunition the Slingbow takes is Simple Rock Marbles, which are also crafted at a Simple Workbench. You need to craft quite a few Simple Rock Marbles to keep shooting the Slingbow, so I suggest making a ton of them.

Once you have a few dozen pieces of ammo, all you need to do is equip the Slingbow, press “R” to reload, and then press aim and fire to shoot one of your Rock Marbles. After you shoot, press the reload button again and keep repeating the process to continue using the Slingbow in Nightingale.

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