How to use the Accio Spell in Hogwarts Legacy
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You will learn dozens of spells throughout your time in Hogwarts Legacy. From the three Unforgivable Curses to basic attacking spells like Incendio and Diffindo, you will be able to assign nearly two dozen spells to your profiles by the end of the game. However, one of the spells you learn very early on, Accio, is also one of the spells that has been giving players a tougher time than others.

Accio is a spell that is used to bring an object closer to you. In combat, Accio can be cast on weaker enemies to lift them into the air and over to your position. This allows you to suspend them in mid-air for a brief time, giving you the chance to inflict some free damage and have them closer so you can cast more accurate spells. Outside of combat, Accio is used to reel in flying Field Guide Pages, solve puzzles using boxes and other objects, catch beasts in the wild, and complete Merlin Trials, among other things.

To see exactly how to use the Accio spell in Hogwarts Legacy, check out my guide below.

Using Accio in Hogwarts Legacy

For starters, you will need to assign Accio to one of your spell profiles. I recommend you assign it to one of your first profiles, as you will be using Accio quite a bit.

Hogwarts Legacy How To Get Accio
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You will get the most use out of Accio outside of combat. As previously mentioned, there are several uses for Accio that do not involve casting it on an enemy. Whenever you want to use Accio on an object, simply look toward it and make sure the object you’re aiming at is outlined in white. Once you have the object you want outlined in white, cast Accio and it should begin to pull the object closer to you. Smaller objects will come right to your hand while larger objects will require you to continuously hold the spell to get it to move further.

For example, in Summoner’s Court, you need to press Accio once to move the ball and then press it again to make the ball stop rolling. This is the same for anything out in the world that you need to pull toward you. If you need to pull something in a specific direction, simply keep Accio active and move to wherever you need to go. Then, once you’re at the desired location, deactivate Accio and the object will fall into place.

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In combat, Accio is much more straightforward. Once again, aim at the enemy you want to use Accio on, and make sure they’re outlined in white. When they are, cast Accio and that enemy will be outlined in purple and be pulled right in front of you. You have around three seconds of them being in mid-air before they fall to the ground. Against larger enemies, like bosses or trolls, Accio will not work, so don’t even attempt to use it. The general rule of thumb is that if an enemy is abnormal from the regular enemy mobs, you won’t be able to use Accio on it.

That’s everything you need to know about using Accio in Hogwarts Legacy. It’s a spell you will have to use time and time again throughout your wizarding journey, so make sure you practice with it to master its mechanics.

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