How to unlock the VTOL Jet in MW3
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The VTOL Jet has been included in the past two Modern Warfare titles in Call of Duty, and it has returned in MW3. However, unlike the previous two games, you can’t unlock the VTOL Jet just by leveling up your character.

Even if you reach the max level of 55, the VTOL Jet won’t be unlocked for you in the killstreaks menu of your Weapons tab. If you hover over the VTOL Jet, you will see that it can only be unlocked by completing an Armory Unlock Challenge. While that sounds simple enough, the Armory Unlocks system can be a little complicated, especially for newer players.

Below, I’ll go over the Armory Unlock Challenges and how you can use them to unlock the VTOL Jet in MW3.

Unlocking the VTOL Jet in MW3

The VTOL Jet’s Armory Unlock Challenge. Image via Activision

For starters, I went over the Armory Unlock Challenges system more in-depth in a previous guide, so check that out for a fully comprehensive look at it.

If you just want to know how to unlock the VTOL Jet, though, you simply need to complete eight Daily or Bonus Challenges after activating the Armory Challenge for the VTOL Jet. The Armory Unlock Challenges are unlocked at level 25, so you can’t unlock the killstreak before then.

You can activate the VTOL Jet’s challenge by going into the Armory Unlock Challenges menu after reaching level 25, going to the killstreaks tab, and pressing on the killstreak’s box. After this is done, you need to complete all three of your Daily Challenges for the day. Once all three are done, you will unlock the Bonus Challenge, which is to simply win a match. This can be done indefinitely, so every time you win a match, the challenge will be complete, adding to your total.

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After you reach eight completed Daily/Bonus Challenges, the VTOL Jet will be unlocked and can be equipped in your killstreaks menu. The VTOL Jet is a 10 killstreak/1,250 scorestreak, so it’s not too easy to earn during a multiplayer match in MW3.

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