How to unlock the Titanium Chrome and Liquid Metal camos in Warzone
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Season 4 Reloaded of Call of Duty: Warzone begins Wednesday, and players will immediately unlock a plethora of new content. However, some of the content coming with the update won’t be available until mid-August. Part of that later content is the new game mode in Warzone, called Titanium Trials: Endurance. This mode is centered around the upcoming Terminator crossover, which also won’t arrive until August. As with any limited-time mode in Warzone, the Titanium Trials: Endurance will feature eight challenges for players to complete. Some of the rewards for completing those challenges in Warzone are new camos, which are named Titanium Chrome and Liquid Metal.

It’s not too often that Warzone receives new camos available to unlock. However, the Terminator crossover calls for players to transform their Operator and weapons into machines, and that’s what players can do with these camos. Players can see exactly what they need to do to unlock the Titanium Chrome and Liquid Metal camos in Warzone Season 4 Reloaded.

Unlocking Titanium Chrome and Liquid Metal camos in Warzone

The Titanium Trials: Endurance game mode in Warzone will begin on Aug. 11. We should see exactly what these new camos look like before then, as there are no screenshots of either yet. We do know that the camos will only be for Vanguard weapons, though.

To unlock Titanium Chrome, players need to complete one of the eight challenges in the Titanium Trials: Endurance mode. It’s unclear which challenge will be associated with the camo unlock. For Liquid Metal, players need to complete all eight challenges available for the mode. Once they do, the Liquid Metal camo will be unlocked. This would need to be done before the event ends on Aug. 25, so players will have two weeks to complete every challenge.

Raven Software also teased some “hidden rewards” for players that complete every Titanium Trials: Endurance challenge, so Liquid Metal could only be one of a few prizes.

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