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LEGO and Blizzard Entertainment have partnered up for their first Overwatch in-game promotion. The Bastion’s Brick Challenge Overwatch event was announced with no heads up and will be available until Sept. 30.

Bastion LEGO skin

The Bastion’s Brick Challenge LEGO mini-event will allow players to unlock brick-themed cosmetics. This includes the showcased Brick Bastion skin along with brick sprays and icons. During this event, fans of the two companies can also purchase LEGO Overwatch products with a 50 percent discount on the LEGO Omnic Bastion set. There will further be a 20 percent discount off other LEGO products in the Blizzard Gear Store. 

Players can earn these cosmetic rewards by playing Overwatch games in Quick Play, Competitive Play, and the Arcade mode. Each win in the three modes will be accumulated until the player hits certain milestones to redeem their wins for the prizes. Three games will earn a player two limited-time player icons. Players that win six games will gain access to the Pharah and Mercy in-game sprays. Nine games will allow one to unlock the Brick Bastion skin.

Overwatch Twitch Drops

With a lot of daily Overwatch action on Twitch, players can also unlock cosmetics simply by watching streams. By tuning into the streams of certain participating streamers, one can receive Twitch Drops in the form of sprays and player icons. Fans have to link their Blizzard account to their Twitch account to take advantage of this promotion.

After two hours of watch time, players will earn a D.Va spray. Four hours will unlock two player icons and six hours is the final tier, where players will receive Genji & Hanzo sprays along with two additional player icons. However, fans have to watch a different Twitch broadcaster depending on the date to be able to unlock rewards. While the limited-time event may seem random, the Overwatch League Grand Finals is coming soon. This may be a way for Blizzard to increase viewership temporarily on Twitch.

Ethan Chen is a writer with over 3 years of experience covering esports, gaming, and business.