How to unlock the HRM-9 in MW3 and Warzone
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Season 1 Reloaded in Call of Duty MW3 and Warzone arrives in mid-January and it’s bringing a heap of content. One of the highlights of the content drop is two new weapons, the TAQ Evolvere and the HRM-9.

The HRM-9 might be a little more enticing to players, as the TAQ Evolvere is joining a crowded light machine gun class that already has a weapon on the TAQ platform (TAQ Eradicator). Conversely, there aren’t too many SMGs like the HRM-9 that already exist in MW3. The SMG is a 9mm weapon with a high fire rate that specializes in close-quarters combat. It also has one of the better mobility and handling stats of any current SMG in MW3, making it a prime pick for aggressive players.

To see how you can unlock the HRM-9 in MW3 and Warzone, check out my guide below.

Unlocking the HRM-9 in MW3 and Warzone

Image via Activision

The HRM-9 and TAQ Evolvere are both unlocked via challenges, but through two different challenge systems in MW3. The TAQ Evolvere requires a Weekly Challenge to unlock while the HRM-9 is unlocked by completing the Classified sector in the Battle Pass.

If you go into the Battle Pass, you will see the A21 sector with the HRM-9 on it. By hovering over it, you can see four smaller items in addition to the HRM-9. To unlock the HRM-9, you need to complete the challenges for each of the four items in the sector. The challenges can be viewed by hovering over each of the items and all have to do with SMGs. All of these challenges can be completed in either MW3 multiplayer or Zombies. Once you complete all four of the challenges, the HRM-9 will be unlocked for you to use in MW3, Zombies, or Warzone.

Screenshot via Upcomer

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It’s also worth noting that at the time of writing, the challenges are not tracking for any of the four items. So we’ll have to wait on Sledgehammer Games to release a patch to fix the challenges so everyone can unlock the HRM-9.

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