How to unlock the Hades LMG in COD Mobile Season 7
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Call of Duty Mobile Season 7, dubbed “Elite of the Elite,” has begun and players can now access the new content, including a fresh Battle Pass with 50 new tiers of cosmetics and other items. Of course, the featured new weapons are the biggest attractions of each season’s Battle Pass. In Season 7, the Hades light machine gun is the only traditional gun to be unlocked solely on the Battle Pass.

The developers of COD Mobile will likely introduce another weapon throughout the course of the season. However, for now, most players are focused on whether the Hades will be the next titan of COD Mobile.

Unlocking the Hades in COD Mobile Season 7

In COD Mobile Season 8, there will be a challenge associated with unlocking the Hades. In Season 7, though, players will have to rely on the pass. Luckily, COD Mobile developers don’t lock the new weapons behind a paid wall. Instead, the weapons are earned as free tiers on the Battle Pass, so no purchase is necessary. Players must reach Tier 21 of the Season 7 Battle Pass for the Hades to fully unlock. Then, players can begin ranking it up.

COD Mobile Season 7
The Elite of the Elite Battle Pass highlights. | Provided by Activision

If players wish to experience the Hades in all its glory, they must reach Tier 50 of the Call of Duty Mobile Season 7 Battle Pass. This unlocks the Hades Epic weapon blueprint called “Shoulder Cannon.” However, this tier is locked behind the paid version of the Battle Pass. Players will have around a month to reach that tier before Season 8 arrives in Sept.

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