How to unlock the Grav and .410 Ironhide in Warzone and Cold War Season 6
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Season 6 of Call of Duty: Warzone and Black Ops Cold War releases on Oct. 7. In preparation, Activision has released a roadmap for the content fans can expect when the season arrives. Among this content are two new weapons that will launch with the season, the Grav assault rifle and .410 Ironhide shotgun.

Below, players can see how they can unlock the Grav and .410 Ironhide in Warzone and multiplayer as Season 6 launch weapons.

Unlocking the .410 Ironhide in Warzone

.410 Ironhide in Warzone and Cold War
The .410 Ironhide in Black Ops Cold War multiplayer. | Provided by Activision

The first weapon on the list is the .410 Ironhide shotgun. This is a lever-action-style shotgun that will act similarly to the Hauer 77 shotgun. It’s unknown how the .410 Ironhide will perform but new weapons have been known to be overpowered when they first arrive in Warzone and Cold War.

Players can unlock the .410 Ironhide by leveling up their Season 6 Battle Pass to Tier 15. This is one of the free tiers, so no purchase is necessary. Once they reach this tier, the shotgun will be fully unlocked and able to use in either Warzone or Cold War. There will also be Store Bundles with the Ironhide included after Season 6 concludes.

Unlocking the Grav in Warzone

Like the .410 Ironhide, players can unlock the Grav through the Season 6 Battle Pass in Warzone and Cold War. It’s unlocked at Tier 31, which is also a free tier. The same process is in place for the Grav as the .410 Ironhide. Store Bundles will release after Season 6 that players can buy with the Grav included.

Unlock the Grav in Warzone
The Grav in Black Ops Cold War multiplayer. | Provided by Activision

This AR is a model of the Galil rifle, which is one of the most beloved weapons from the original Black Ops. It’s made several appearances since then, including in Modern Warfare in the form of the CR-56 AMAX. It should be a fairly effective weapon in both Warzone and Cold War.

Season 6 launches at 12 a.m. ET on Oct. 7 in both games.

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