How to unlock the Ghost perk in MW3
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The Ghost perk, or Ghost T/V Camo as it’s called in-game, is one of the most powerful perks in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer. Just like in previous games, it keeps you off the radar when an enemy UAV is in the air. While many players want to unlock Ghost, it has a confusing unlock process in MW3.

Instead of simply leveling up your character in multiplayer and unlocking Ghost that way, you need to complete a specific Armory Unlock Challenge. This is a new system in MW3 that has confused just about every player at some point thus far. All you need to know about it is that around half of the content in multiplayer is solely unlocked through the Armory Unlock Challenges system, including Ghost.

To see exactly how you can unlock the Ghost perk in MW3, check out the guide below.

Unlocking Ghost T/V Camo in MW3

For starters, you need to reach level 25 on your character to unlock the Armory Unlock Challenges system. I went over the system more in-depth in a previous guide, but you can access it by clicking on the challenge window in the main lobby of MW3.

Image via Activision

When you look at the Armory Unlock Challenges, you can scroll through various tabs of content. You need to go to the perks section, find Ghost T/V Camo, and press the activate button on it. This will allow you to start unlocking Ghost by completing Armory Unlock Challenges. I’ll explain how to do that in the steps below:

  • With the Ghost T/V Camo Armory Unlock Challenge active, you need to complete three Daily Challenges to unlock the perk
  • You can view your Daily Challenges from the main lobby challenge window
  • If you have completed all three of your Daily Challenges, then a Bonus Challenge will appear in the challenge window
  • This Bonus Challenge will always be to win a single game and it can be done infinitely
  • To unlock Ghost T/V Camo, either complete three individual Daily Challenges or a mixture of three Daily Challenges and Bonus Challenges
  • You can track your progress in the challenge window in the main lobby
  • Once three challenges have been completed, Ghost T/V Camo will unlock for use in multiplayer

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With Ghost T/V Camo unlocked you can start using it on your loadouts by going to the “Gear” perk section and equipping it from there. Keep in mind, though, Ghost only works in MW3 when you’re moving, so if you’re staying still, you will continue to show up on an enemy’s radar if they have a UAV active.

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