How to unlock Jean in Fire Emblem Engage
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As is standard in Fire Emblem, there is a character only unlockable through a side mission, not a main story chapter.

With a rare ability that allows him to level up with great stats, Jean is definitely a desirable character. Here is how to unlock Jean, the doctor’s son in Fire Emblem Engage. His Paralogue is the first one that appears on the world map, allowing you to get Jean early and start levelling him up.

Find Jean at Paralogue: Budding Talent

After completing the introductory chapters in Fire Emblem Engage, you’ll see the World Map for the first time. After chapter Six is done, the game will highlight side missions, and the first one they highlight is the Paralogue titled Budding Talent.

Fire Emblem Engage Paralogue
The island on which the Paralogue: Budding Talent arrives in Fire Emblem Engage. | Provided by Michael Czar.

This Paralogue focuses on a small island town, with a doctor assisting his locals as the Corrupted arrive and threaten the civilians within. The doctor, Sean, alongside his wife, Anje, both spring to action, trying to get their son Jean out of danger. But, even as the youngest playable character in Fire Emblem Engage at 10 years old, Jean wants to assist his father and joins the fight.

Make sure to talk to Jean and help his allies

When it comes to the combat for this Paralogue, it isn’t too tough as the first side mission of the game. The game recommends the player use level four units, which shouldn’t be tough after getting to chapter six in the campaign.

After getting through the nearby enemies, make sure to talk to Jean when it’s safe to do so. He’ll then officially join your team for the combat, and not too long afterwards, your squad throughout your journey. As a healer, Jean can help keep you alive as the main story progresses but starts as a low-level ally.

What makes Jean so useful is his personal skill, Expertise. Each character in Fire Emblem has their own, and Jean’s gives him better stat growth when levelling up. It can be easy to miss him too, if you just continue in the story, so make sure to pick up Jean in your time playing Fire Emblem Engage.

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