Guide: How to unlock free Arcane Capsule and Icon in League of Legends
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Act 1 of “Arcane” released to huge fanfare on Netflix this past Saturday and Riot Games is moving on to the next phase of events to celebrate the launch of the series. A new event called Progress Days introduces an entirely new interactive experience on the Riot X Arcane website, giving players the ability to complete new missions that unlock several free rewards in all of Riot’s games. This guide will focus on the introductory mission as well as a side quest that gives players a free League of Legends Arcane capsule and event-exclusive Summoner Icon.

Note for Google Chrome users: Before getting started, make sure you have hardware acceleration enabled or you may experience game-breaking lag.

How to start the Progress Days event on the Riot X Arcane website

To get started on the Progress Days event, navigate to the official Riot X Arcane website. Once there, click on the Explore Now button on the Progress Days screen. This will begin a conversation with three League of Legends “Arcane” champions: Heimerdinger, Jayce and Viktor. Click through the dialog boxes to complete the introductory mission “Progress Days: Worlds Beyond” and begin the interactive journey.

Once again, if you are experiencing lag on the Riot X Arcane website, check out our quick guide on how to fix it.

Riot X Arcane: ‘We Can Rebuild’ story mission

Before you can unlock any of the free rewards scattered throughout the Progress Days event, you first need to complete the introductory mission. This step-by-step guide will easily navigate you through that.

  • Click on Heimerdinger to begin the quest “Heimerdinger’s Lab: We Can Rebuild.” This will begin a lengthy dialog with Heimerdinger, Jayce and Viktor and will also introduce Jinx as a silhouette.
  • Click through the dialog until the “We Can Rebuild: Heimerdinger’s Notes” mission begins. Your next task will be to talk to Sett.
  • Open the map using the icon in the top left of the screen. Head to Summoner’s Park.
  • Upon loading in, talk to Gwen. This will complete the side mission “Summoner’s Park: Looking Sharp!” and activate a new mission with Jhin called “Summoner’s Park: Make a Masterpiece.” Ignore this for now.
  • Drag your screen to the right until you see Sett standing in front of an arch.
  • Click on Sett and talk through the dialog. Once complete, a book will spawn next to Sett.
  • Pick up the book to collect Heimerdinger’s Compendium of Arcane Variance.
  • Click on the map to head back to Heimerdinger’s Lab. Speak with Heimerdinger until you complete the mission “We can Rebuild: Heimerdinger’s Notes” and begin the mission “We can Rebuild: Tracking Device.”
  • Talk to Heimerdinger again and complete the dialog with him, Jayce and Viktor.
  • Click on the map again and head to Killjoy’s Lab. This will begin a dialog with VALORANT agents Phoenix and Killjoy.
  • After completing the dialog, drag the screen to the right to find Killjoy sitting in her lab, wearing a yellow jacket.
  • Talk to Killjoy. Once the dialog is complete, a black device will begin floating next to Killjoy.
  • Pick up the device to collect the Radianite Tracking Device.
  • Click on the map and head back to Heimerdinger’s Lab to return the tracker to Heimerdinger. This will complete the mission “We Can Rebuild: Tracking Device.”

While a few of the above missions are not mandatory to unlock the Arcane capsule and player icon, completing them will ensure your questline is in order and will allow you to unlock all of the other rewards. From here, you can immediately begin working on side quests to unlock the new Arcane drops.

Summoner’s Park: League of Legends Arcane capsule and Icon

Players that are interested in unlocking the League of Legends Arcane capsule and Summoner Icon rewards will want to first focus on the Summoner’s Park questline.

  • Open the Map and head back to Summoner’s Park.
  • Drag the screen all the way to the right until you find Jhin standing in front of a painting canvas.
  • Speak with Jhin and click through the dialog until he says to play a game of League of Legends.
  • Speak with Jhin again. Regardless of whether or not players actually played a game of League, telling Jhin that they did will progress the mission further. Select that option to complete the mission “Summoner’s Park: Make a Masterpiece” and begin the mission “Summoner’s Park: Special Delivery.”
  • Drag the screen back to the left side, past Sett, until the Shopkeeper is found. Click on the Shopkeeper to begin a new series of tasks.
  • Scroll further left and speak with Gwen to deliver the Shopkeeper’s sword.
  • Return to the Shopkeeper.
  • Scroll to the right and speak with Sett to deliver the custom shirt.
  • Head back to the Shopkeeper.
  • Finally, scroll all the way to the right and speak with Jhin to deliver the Star Guardian wand.
  • Return to the Shopkeeper to complete the “Summoner’s Park: Special Delivery” mission and receive a League of Legends Arcane capsule and Arcane Summoner Icon.

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