How to turn off motion blur in Final Fantasy 16
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The release date for Final Fantasy 16 is quickly approaching, and fans across the industry are gearing up for what promises to be a grand adventure. Of course, some fans have already gotten to experience some of that adventure with the demo currently available on PlayStation 5. The demo features around two hours of gameplay and gives players an idea of how it will look and perform but also a dive into the story and combat.

While this Final Fantasy 16 demo is impressive, the amount of motion blur that is currently in place has some fans rethinking their pre-order.

As such, fans have been curious about if whether or not they will be able to disable motion blur when Final Fantasy 16 fully launches. You can read my guide below for more information on motion blur and if you can disable it in the newest Final Fantasy title.

Turning off motion blur in Final Fantasy 16

Turning off motion blur in Final Fantasy 16
Provided by Square Enix

Motion blur is a common graphical feature used in gaming that adds blurred edges to objects when players move their cameras. The idea behind this feature is to make a player’s surroundings more realistic and feel more comfortable to the human eye. However, in some cases, motion blur actually has the opposite effect on players, as they can get motion sick with too much blur on the screen.

In Final Fantasy 16, there is currently no way to disable the motion blur setting. It’s been reported that the developers at Square Enix are working on ways to implement a setting to turn off the feature, but it’s unclear if that will be ready in time for the day one patch on June 22, launch day.

In the meantime, players will want to change their graphical setting from “Graphics” to “Frame Rate.” This will make the motion blur noticeably less intense, leading to a more natural and familiar look for many players. Until the developers implement a motion blur option in-game, this is the only way to visibly change how the feature looks.

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