How to time Protego to block attacks in Hogwarts Legacy
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From the very start of Hogwarts Legacy, you will have access to the protection spell, Protego. When cast, this spell forms a protective blue shield around the player. This shield lasts for a couple of seconds and then goes away, leaving players vulnerable once again. If that blue shield is up, though, players cannot be hit by any enemy attacks. While Protego is an extremely powerful spell, some players have been struggling with the timing of the spell in Hogwarts Legacy.

If you want to find out how to time Protego perfectly every time, keep reading the guide below.

Timing the Protego spell in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy Protego
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The best way we found to get the hang of timing Protego is to change your difficulty to Very Easy or Easy. This difficulty gives you a prompt on the screen for when to press the button to use Protego. Essentially, using this is like putting training wheels on a bike. You can go up to enemies on this difficulty, wait for an enemy to attack, and then press Protego when the game tells you to use it.

Hogwarts Legacy will tell you to use Protego when yellow lines appear around your character’s head. This is the game conveying that an enemy attack is imminent. Whenever you see this happen, you should always cast the Protego spell or dodge roll away at the very least.

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We recommend going into the overworld and finding random enemy camps or spawns. Get into a fight with them and wait for the enemies to attack so you can practice the timing of Protego. Again, just wait for the yellow lines to appear and then cast it. Or, if you’re on the easier difficulty levels, simply wait for the button prompt to appear.

If you want to master Protego and perfectly time your blocks, then you need to wait until right before the enemy attacks. A perfect Protego clock occurs when an enemy is less than a second away from dealing damage to you. Then, right before that happens, you cast Protego to block them. This takes much more practice, but the results can give you more power to your Ancient Magic Meter or a stronger Stupefy counter-spell.

As with anything combat-related, this will take some practice, so get out there and start fighting some enemies.


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