How to summon a Golem as a Necromancer in Diablo 4
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As a starting Necromancer in Diablo 4, you will be able to summon your army of skeletons to fight your enemies for you. While the basic skellies are always going to be a solid option in Diablo 4, the Necromancer class can also summon a Golem. In the Book of the Dead, Necromancers can choose to summon a wide range of undead creatures. There are tradeoffs to be made in the Book of the Dead, but some players are simply wondering how they can summon a Golem.

Golems are one of the best minions to summon thanks to their tanky nature and stats. However, you will have to wait quite a while before gaining the ability to summon a Golem in Diablo 4. I have put together a complete guide on what you need to do to gain the ability, and you can check it out below. You can also view our previous guide if you need help summoning regular skeletons as a Necromancer.

Summon a Golem as a Necromancer in Diablo 4

For starters, you will have to wait until you are level 25 before you can even think about summoning a Golem. At level 25, you will receive a new Priority Quest called “Necromancer: Call of the Underworld,” which will direct you to a spot north of Menestad in Fractured Peaks. Here, you will find an NPC named Maltorious standing next to a shrine. Talk to him and after you will need to collect 12 Unbroken Bones. Kill enemies to pick these bones up and then talk to Maltorious again.

After this, you need to find a vile artifact, called the Jar of Souls, in a nearby cave. Complete this part of the quest and then Maltorious will appear next to you, collect the jar, and then the quest will be complete. At this point, you will now have the ability to summon Golems in Diablo 4.

To do this, open the skill assignment menu and you will see the new Golem skill at the bottom. Drag it a skill slot on your hotbar and now you can summon a Golem at any time in Diablo 4. Golems have the ability to taunt enemies and then receive damage reduction for six seconds.

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