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Hate bullying? Then you’ll want to complete the Rescue the Gnome quest in Baldur’s Gate 3. You’ll notice a group of goblins harassing a gnome they have tied up to a windmill when you explore Blighted Village — and that doesn’t sit right with most players. It’s time to suppress your laughter and Rescue the Gnome.

Step 1: Clear out the goblins

The first step to rescuing the poor gnome is to wipe out all the bullies. You can simply fight all the goblins — there’s a lot but they aren’t strong. You can also use your Illithid powers to demand the goblins leave.

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Step 2: Stop the windmill

Once the goblins are gone, you’ll need to get the gnome down from the windmill.

Head to the back of the windmill and you’ll spot all of its gears. This includes two small levers that are hard to spot at first. Move your mouse around and you will eventually see them get highlighted.

One is a brake. Pull the brake lever and the windmill will stop.

Go back to the front of the windmill and free the gnome. This is luckily one of the easier things to do in Baldur’s Gate 3.