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When you first load into Diablo 4, you will not have access to any kind of mount. As players who took part in the Diablo 4 beta will know, mounts are not accessible to you until you begin the “Donan’s Favor” quest. You can see that this quest is required in getting a mount by visiting a stable in one of the many towns across Sanctuary.

So, this begs the question, when is it possible to start Donan’s Favor in Diablo 4? Luckily, I have played through the entire game already and know the exact time when you can begin and complete this quest. Here’s what I did during my journey.

Starting Donan’s Favor to get a mount in Diablo 4

How to start the Donan's Favor quest to get a mount in Diablo 4
Donan is a main character in Diablo 4. | Screengrab via Upcomer

Unfortunately, the developers have made sure that players don’t earn themselves a mount too early in Diablo 4. Donan’s Favor cannot be started until players have reached Act 4, which requires the full completion of Acts 1, 2, and 3. Regardless of if you skip ahead directly to Act 3 or not, you will not start Act 4 until you are several hours into Diablo 4.

For me, I spent around 20 hours in-game before reaching Act 4. Of course, I was spending hours going through dungeons, exploring the map, and taking on Strongholds. If players really book it through the main storyline, they should reach Act 4 in half that time.

Luckily, when players do reach Act 4, you won’t be able to miss Donan’s Favor. It’s a Priority Quest that is given to you by Donan in Kyovashad at the very start of Act 4. Donan tells you that he has a friend at the stables in town and that you should visit them to get yourself a horse. This will take place in the cathedral in the northern part of Kyovashad. Your first mount will be an ordinary horse, but it will certainly be a more favorable method of traveling over running everywhere.

And that’s how you start Donan’s Favor in Diablo 4 and earn yourself a mount.

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