How to solve the Keenbridge Merlin Trial in Hogwarts Legacy
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If you have started to explore the surrounding areas outside of the castle grounds in Hogwarts Legacy, then you might have stumbled across a hamlet called Keenbridge. This hamlet is located south of Hogwarts, but not nearly as southern as hamlets like Feldcroft and Irondale. Keenbridge is a quaint, small town that has some unique charm. There’s an outside restaurant, a slanted house, and some side content for players to take on. One part of that side content in Keenbridge is a Merlin Trial, which has proven extremely difficult for Hogwarts Legacy players to complete.

Most Merlin Trials will take players a second or two to figure out. However, the one in Keenbridge is especially perplexing, as nothing seems to change about the surrounding area. There are other Merlin Trials that are similar to the one in Keenbridge, but you might stumble upon this one first.

To see exactly how to complete the Keenbridge Merlin Trial and all others like it, check out my guide below.

The Keenbridge Merlin Trial in Hogwarts Legacy

Once you have begun the Keenbridge Merlin Trial, you will be near a river and a bridge. The town will be across from the river, and that’s where you want to go. More specifically, you need to right past the potions cart. This cart is due north of the Merlin Trial’s starting stone circle.

Above the potions cart, beyond the stone and wood fences, you will find a large stone boulder with swirls on it. The boulder will be directly in front of a broken cart that looks like a ramp. You need to get directly behind the boulder and cast the Repulso spell on it. This will move the boulder over the ramp, and into the town. You learn Repulso by completing Professor Sharp’s Assignment 1.

Hogwarts Legacy Keenbridge Merlin Trial
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From here, you need to keep casting Repulso to continue moving the boulder across the bridge near the Merlin Trial’s stone circle. Once you’re over the bridge with the boulder, take an immediate left and you will see a stone hole that fits the boulder perfectly. Get the boulder into that hole, and that will complete the Keenbridge Merlin Trial in Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy
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As with all Merlin Trials, you know you succeeded when you see the green lights and archway appear over the stone circle in the ground. You are now one step closer to expanding your gear slots. To see exactly how that process works, read our previous guide about the Merlin Trials.

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