How to solve the Bridge Puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy
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There are dozens of secrets and various puzzles for players to solve in Hogwarts Legacy. Most of these puzzles take place inside the castle grounds, where different doors that are locked by a math equation and locked doors in general can get the best of any player. However, one of the more confusing puzzles that players can stumble upon early on in Hogwarts Legacy is known as the “Bridge Puzzle.”

The bridge in question is the one near the Viaduct Courtyard Floo Flame fast travel location. The bridge separates the Great Hall from the Central Hall, and it sports quite a view when players walk across it. Although, this bridge also has a secret, as there are two chests located directly underneath it. If players want to find out how to get to those chests and solve the Bridge Puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy, they can check out the guide below.

Solve the Bridge Puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy

The bridge near the Viaduct Courtyard has four golden firepit bowls that sit atop stone blocks. Players are able to interact with these firepits and they will also notice a gold symbol on the bottom half of the stone block. There are four of these stone blocks with firepits and symbols on them on the bridge.

To start off with this puzzle, you need to use some sort of fire spell, like Incendio, on the top of the bowl. This will ignite the firepit. Do this with all four firepits. Next, you can go to the Great Hall side of the bridge and look down at the ground. You will see a golden hatch with the same symbols that are on the stone blocks.

All you need to do is match the symbol with the right number (I, II, III, or IV). To find the right number, go to each firepit and you will see an “Interact” prompt pop up. Press the button to interact and you will see a number on the bottom of the firepit change. Match up the number with the corresponding symbol that the golden hatch on the ground indicates. If you just want a simple answer, though, here are all of the correct numbers and symbols along with an image of the hatch.

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Once you’ve matched up the right symbol with its corresponding number, the golden hatch on the ground will open, allowing you to go down a ladder, and open the chests. You have now completed the Bridge Puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy.

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