How to solve number door puzzles in Hogwarts Legacy
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In the first hour or so of Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll be treated to a small tour of the castle by Professor Weasley. The deputy headmistress, and eventually Professor Fig, will let you know about the Field Guide, how to get to your classes, and everything that you need to do before truly starting school.

After the professors have left you to fend for yourself, you’ll be in the Central Hall, an area that is teeming with life. In the Central Hall, you’ll find your first side quest and your first puzzle. The puzzle is of the number door variety, one that is very common in Hogwarts Legacy.

However, at first glance, it might seem impossible to solve, as there are hardly any clues as to how to open the door and reveal what’s inside. Luckily, we have all of the information you need to solve these puzzles and loot the treasure that awaits.

Solving number door puzzles in Hogwarts Legacy

All of the number door puzzles in Hogwarts Legacy follow the same design pattern. You can interact with the door at first to reveal some numbers and symbols inside of circles. Then, there will be 10 or so animal icons outlining the border of the door, and likely a question mark icon or two to either side of the door.

If you want to solve the number door puzzle, you need to look at the numbers and icons inside the chalk circles on the door. Your goal is to find the correct answer to the circles with question marks in them. To do this, you need to add up the numbers and icons in the smaller circles and get them to equate to the number in the larger, central circle. The answer will be a number, or, to be more precise, an icon that corresponds to a certain number.

All of the animal icons on the border of the door correspond to one number. Going from left to right, the numbers go from 0-9. For example, if you see a certain animal in one of the smaller circles, you need to find what number it’s associated with on the door. For the question marks in the small circles on the door, you need to do the same thing, but take into account the other numbers on the door already. Basically, you need to make all three small circles equal the number in the larger circle.

All animal numbers for the door puzzles

In order, the numbers associated with each animal on the door puzzles are:

  • Owl – 0
  • Unicorn – 1
  • One-headed dragon – 1
  • Three-headed dragon – 3
  • Bird – 4
  • Crab – 5
  • Salamander – 6
  • Large-bodied animal with four legs – 7
  • Spider – 8
  • Multi-headed snake – 9

Using those numerical values, you can use the icons in the small circles to figure out exactly what number you’re missing from each door puzzle. Once you think you have the right answer, you need to find the question mark icons on the wall surrounding the door. You can roll the icon to get to another animal. Keep rolling until you get the one you want. If there are two math problems on the door, make sure you’re plugging in the right animal icon to the right roll.

Hogwarts Legacy door number puzzles
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An example of a correct problem is as follows:

  • The large number in the middle is 14
  • There is a 5 in a small circle and the icon of a three-headed dragon in another
  • The icon in the question marked circle must be a salamander since that equates to the number six. 5 + 3 (three-headed dragon) + 6 = 14

For this problem, you would roll until you see a salamander, and then open the door. Inside, you’ll usually find a chest or two that contains some nice loot.

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