How to sign up for Valorant's April 2020 closed beta
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Riot Games announced details for Valorant’s closed beta starting April 7, 2020. The highly-anticipated 5v5 first-person shooter has attracted attention from the gaming community since its initial announcement. The goal of each round is for the attackers to detonate a spike on one of the three sites. Meanwhile, the counter-agents must prevent the attackers from destroying the site.

This weekend, Rod “Slasher” Breslau confirmed Riot was hosting an exclusive gameplay event. The secretive event was kept behind closed doors. Many popular streamers and professional players were quiet this weekend, presumably gearing up on the Valorant battlefield. Leaks of the game-capture event sparked massive interest in the possibility of closed beta popping up soon.

Valorant’s announcement says the first wave of players will step into the server in April 2020. Limited space is available for players in Europe, Canada, the United States, Turkey, Russia, and CIS. Additionally, Riot hopes to expand the closed beta to more regions, “pending the volatile logistics of launching a beta effectively during a global pandemic.” Daily Esports gathered all the need to know information about the closed beta and how to sign up.

Accessing the closed beta

Valorant weapons and economy Riot
Credit: Riot Games

Residents of countries eligible to partake in the closed beta should follow the steps below:

1. Register for a Riot Account

2. Link your Riot account with your Twitch account. If you’re not a registered Twitch user, set up your account here.

3. When the closed beta starts on April 7, head over to Twitch and watch official Valorant streams for an opportunity to gain access to the closed beta.

Download the Valorant launcher

Riot Games has released the game launcher, available for download. Players can download the executable by visiting the website here. To access the launcher, the user must have an active Riot account.

Valorant Launcher
The official Riot Games launcher for Valorant.

Unfortunately, any attempts to log in subsequently trigger a message stating the user doesn’t have access to the game.

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