How to search an Ice Machine in Fortnite for Punchcard quest
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With this week’s v18.10 update in Fortnite Season 8, Epic Games introduced several new pieces of content. There’s a new consumable on the map in the Chili Chug Splash, new Super Styles for Battle Pass skins and an update to the XP system. All of this made for a solid update and that’s not even counting the new NPCs on the map. Grim Fable and Big Mouth are now roaming the island, which means there are new Punchcard quests to complete. One of those quests involves players searching an Ice Machine.

Ice Machines have been a part of Fortnite for some time but a portion of players still have no idea where to find them. Moreover, Season 8 introduced many changes to the Fortnite island. Could the machines have moved from where they were in Season 7? All of those questions are answered below so players can knock off this Punchcard quest.

Searching an Ice Machine in Fortnite

This quest comes from Big Mouth, one of the newest NPCs on the island that can be located inside of the Pizza Pit. Once players talk to them, they’ll get started on his Punchcard quests. The first one is simple enough, requiring players to open chests in Steel Farm (north of Corny Crops).

After that quest, players will receive the quest to search an Ice Machine. Only one Ice Machine is required for the quest but players must find more than one to land at another location. Luckily, most gas stations in Fortnite hold an Ice Machine. The easiest gas station to visit is in Pleasant Park. Players should be able to land there, search the machine and avoid all of the enemies who landed at the houses in the POI.

Players simply must walk up to the machine and interact with it for this Punchcard quest to be complete. Players will then be awarded 30,000 XP for their efforts. Next, they can move on to the following quest for Big Mouth: opening ammo boxes at Dirty Docks.

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