How to save in Dying Light 2 Stay Human
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Dying Light 2 Stay Human has improved upon the original Dying Light in numerous ways. From a more fluid movement system to a refined Skills menu, there are plenty of improvements this time around. However, one aspect of Dying Light 2 that has not changed is the save system. Players who didn’t partake in the original might be confused as to how to save their progress in the new title. The process is fairly straightforward, though.

Saving is one feature that’s started to get fazed out of modern single player titles. What once was a staple of open-world and RPG titles is now a rarity in most modern games. Instead of having players take up disc space with countless save files, developers have started doing it for them.

Saving in Dying Light 2

As the game tells the player at the start of the story, saving is one such feature that players don’t have to worry about in Dying Light 2. The game operates on an auto-save function, meaning it will automatically save the player’s progress at certain points throughout their travels.

One common save point in Dying Light 2 is when players rest for the night. If players rest until morning, their progress is saved the moment they arise. This means that if a player’s console or PC crashes and they haven’t reached an auto save point, they’ll start back at the bed they last rested at.

Beds aren’t the only save points throughout Dying Light 2. Whenever players complete a quest or reach an objective during a quest, the game will almost always auto-save. Players can tell if the game is auto-saving by looking for a small icon in the corner of the screen. If that icon pops up, then players know their progress is saved up to that point.

As long as players are hitting certain checkpoints throughout their travels in Villedor or resting until morning frequently, they won’t have to worry about losing progress.

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