How to respec in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty
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There is a wide-ranging number of skills, or virtues as they are called in-game, you can unlock in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. These give your character access to new abilities and can strengthen the abilities that you already possess. As you progress through Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, you will be given several chances to unlock new virtues, making your character stronger and the game easier overall. However, what happens if you don’t like the way you’ve allocated your virtues? Luckily for players, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty gives you the chance to respec your virtues, which essentially means you can have a do-over.

The ability to respec skills in role-playing games has always been a requested feature from most fans. Players enjoy the idea of being able to tinker with their build without having the choices they make be permanent. This allows for some replayability as well, as players can try out different builds during their playthrough.

If you want to find exactly how you can respec your virtues in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, keep reading the guide below.

Respec in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty respec
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You will not be able to respec your virtues until you reach the central hub of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, the Hidden Village. This location does not appear for several hours, so you’ll have to live with the virtue choices you made until you reach the Hidden Village.

Once there, you can speak to Zuo Ci in his house, which is right near the main platform where you spawn in. Zuo Ci offers you the choice to “Reset Parameters” when you speak to him, which is basically the game’s way of saying “respec.” Picking this option allows you to go into the virtue menu and take points from the ones you’ve already chosen and redistribute them to others you haven’t unlocked yet.

There is no cost to do this, so tinker with your build as much as you like until you think you have found the right set of virtues. While you’re at Zuo Ci’s house, you can also change your appearance.

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