How to repair weapons in Dying Light 2 Stay Human
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Dying Light 2 Stay Human uses a weapon degradation system similar to its predecessor, Dying Light. Players won’t be able to use the same weapon for too long without its durability running out, forcing them to swap to another weapon.

This can be troublesome to players, as they attach mods and a charm to certain weapons. If the weapon degrades totally, they will lose that weapon forever. Luckily, players can repair weapons in Dying Light 2, though only to an extent.

The ability to repair weapons was also somewhat present in the original Dying Light. Each weapon had a maximum number of repairs. After reaching that number, that weapon would degrade like any other weapon. This system has not returned in Dying Light 2, with the developers opting for a completely new repair mechanic. This time, repairs will just cost players some extra materials.

Repairing weapons in Dying Light 2

To repair a weapon in Dying Light 2, you need to have access to weapon mods and their blueprints. The blueprints for different mods are purchased at local Craftmaster shops, which are marked with a pointy “C” on the map. Once you have some weapon mod blueprints, ensure you have enough materials to craft them.

If you do, then find the weapon you want to repair and press the “Modify” keybind. This brings you to the modding screen, where you can craft and attach mods and charms. From here, you can attach a mod, which will give the weapon some added bonuses, like spark or fire damage. However, it will also slightly repair the weapon and restore durability. In the image below, you can see the mod’s description says “Weapon Repair: +50 Durability.”

Dying Light 2 Stay Human Repair weapon durability
Weapon mods restore some durability, acting as a slight repair. | Provided by Techland

Essentially, if you attach a mod to your weapon, you restore some of its durability. Every mod you attach to a weapon, whether it’s to the tip or shaft, gives you another +50 Durability. However, once you attach a mod, it’s on the weapon permanently. This means you can’t just keep switching mods to restore durability indefinitely. Your weapon will run out of durability eventually, but attaching mods sustains its life slightly.

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