How to remove red square debuff in Elden Ring
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At some point in Elden Ring, many players will notice they have a red debuff square on their character. This debuff is usually a mystery to players, as the armor they’re wearing isn’t the cause and players didn’t do anything else to warrant its attachment. However, what players don’t know is they actually did do something to give themselves a debuff.

You can see if you have this debuff by looking right below your health, magic, and stamina bars. If you see a red square with an arrow facing down, then you currently have a debuff attached to your character. If you look at your stats when you have this debuff, you will notice that you have a 5% reduction in your overall HP. This can be the difference between living and dying in the Lands Between, so players need to get it off of them immediately.

Luckily, there is a very easy way to remove the red square debuff in Elden Ring, and you can check out the guide below for a full explanation.

Removing red square debuff in Elden Ring

The red square debuff comes as a result of hugging Fia at the Roundtable Hold in Elden Ring. After embracing Fia in her bedroom, you will see the debuff appear on your screen. However, you might not notice because Fia gives you Baldachin’s Blessing, which makes it seem like your embrace with Fia was a good choice.

Elden Ring red square debuff
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Every time you hug Fia, you will receive Baldachin’s Blessing. In order to get rid of the red square debuff that Fia gave you, simply go into your inventory and consume Baldachin’s Blessing. Not only will this consumable temporarily boost your poise, but it will also remove the debuff. If you want to go back and hug Fia at another time at the Roundtable Hold, then you will receive another Baldachin’s Blessing. However, you’ll also get another debuff, which means you will eventually need to consume that new blessing.

It will take a few seconds for Baldachin’s Blessing to remove the debuff. But once it does, your HP will return to normal and you will temporarily have increased poise, meaning you can stand up to enemies a little better in Elden Ring.

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