How to reject Lilith at her secret shrine in Diablo 4
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Side quests in Diablo 4 are plentiful no matter what region of the map you are exploring. Whether you’re in a town or out in a random part of the map, you will likely stumble across one or two side quests before reaching your destination. One of the more common side quests that players will undertake in Diablo 4 is called “Reject the Mother,” and it requires players to reject Lilith at her secret shrine.

This side quest only pops up after you have confronted Genbar in the secret sacrifice area in Dry Steppes. Once Genbar has been defeated, along with the demon Mahmon, you will speak to Lorath and then be on your way.

However, on the way out of this sacrifice area, you will see a new blue exclamation marker has popped up, indicating a new side quest. As you likely know, this side quest is Reject the Mother, and I will explain exactly how to complete it in the guide below.

Reject Lilith at her secret shrine in Diablo 4

Once you interact with the note that has the quest marker on it, you will realize that the area you need to go is right back to where Lorath is. So head back to the area where you just defeated Genbar and Mahmon and walk up to the stature of Lilith.

reject Lilith at her secret shrine in Diablo 4
Screengrab via Upcomer

Standing in front of the statue, you need to open up your Emote Wheel and then press “Customize.” Here, select the Emote called “No,” and bind it to a spot on your wheel. Save the changes, and then open the wheel back up. Select the No Emote while in front of the statue. This will cause the Heretics Chest to appear on your right, which you can open to complete the quest.

In the end, all you really did need to know was simply say no to Lilith. You can now mark this down as another completed side quest in Diablo 4.

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