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VALORANT has a wide array of skin choices that are arguably better than some skins in CS:GO. While Riot has put out many great skins occasionally, some left us with, “Oh, this isn’t what we expected.” And this is true for skins that may be cosmetically pleasing in-store, but once you’re in-game, it fails in comparison to other ones that you can purchase.

Here’s how to refund skins in VALORANT.

How do refunds work in VALORANT?

Omen with Reyna Contract Pistol killing Raze in C-main at Haven Valorant
Provided by John Carlo Vijuan

If you’re unhappy with your skin purchase, or you may have mistakenly purchased something you did not want, Riot will gladly assist you with that as long as it’s within their refund policy guidelines. Here’s how to refund your skins in VALORANTt:

  1. Go to this website
    • Alternatively, if your VALORANT is running, click the cogwheel and support buttons
    • Click Refund Unused Content
  2. Log into your Riot Account
  3. Click “Get My Order History”
  4. From this list, you can see all the in-game purchases you made that you can refund (or are within the refund policy guidelines)
  5. Select the skin or transaction that you would want to refund and click the button that says “Refund”
  6. Riot will instantly refund the skin for you, and you should see it reflect on your profile

Things that you should know before you refund your skins

Cypher with Araxys Vandal dueling with Kay-O in B-main on Bind Valorant
Provided by John Carlo Vijuan

Before you go onto the website and try to refund everything that you ever purchased, there are a few things you need to know about VALORANT’s refund policy. Here are some of them:

  1. You can’t refund the following items:
    • Used Weapon Skins
    • Upgraded Weapon Skins
    • Used In-game Content (Gun Buddies, Player Cards, etc.)
    • Purchased Agent Contract Levels
    • Weapon Skin Levels
    • Weapon Skin Bundles
    • Premium Battle Pass
    • Purchased Battle Pass Levels
    • Purchased Radianite Points
  2. You can only refund unused in-game content and VP you purchased within the last 14 days. Also, we found out that you can refund the RP you used to upgrade weapons (automatically goes back to your RP wallet).

If you’ve spent $1,000 buying every bundle or cool skins you see in your store, you’re out of luck because Riot does not offer refunds on any cosmetic items you already used. Although this is a massive turn-off for some players, it is fair to say that Riot is a business first and foremost. Riot occasionally updates this list, so check out their refund policy page.

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