How to rank up quickly in Call of Duty: Vanguard
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Within the next 12 hours, every player in the world will have access to Call of Duty: Vanguard if they’ve chosen to buy it. This means that a majority of the world will be trying to rank their Vanguard character up and unlock additional content. There are 55 base levels that players need to work through and then additional Prestige ranks. If any player wants to find out exactly how they can breeze through the levels in Vanguard, they can keep reading below.

Ranking up fast in Vanguard

Most of the methods to rank up quickly in Vanguard will apply to standard multiplayer. However, simply playing long stretches of Zombies yields a solid amount of XP that also applies to multiplayer. So, Zombies players don’t have to worry about focusing on multiplayer only to rank up their level.

For multiplayer, there are methods to level up fast, which are listed and explained below.

Complete any challenge and rank up weapons

Perhaps the easiest way to level up in Vanguard is to complete any challenge set before the player. This includes the standard barracks challenges, of which there are 60, and other challenges. The other challenges include weapon and Operator challenges.

Call of Duty: Vanguard weapon camos
The weapon camo challenges in Call of Duty: Vanguard. | Provided by Activision

For weapons, players can go for specific camos on a wide variety of guns. Also, simply ranking up weapons to a new level earns XP. So, by completing camo challenges and using an array of weapons, players will earn a decent amount of XP. This also applies to Operators, all of whom have 20 total levels that players can progress through. There are 12 Operators in Vanguard and players can unlock different skins for them by advancing their level, earning more XP.

However, players can also use an Operator’s favorite weapon, which is listed by their icon, to earn Double XP and Weapon XP. Players need to use that weapon and that specific Operator in-game to earn the bonuses.

Play Objective-based game modes

There are a solid amount of game modes in Vanguard but, if players want to rank up faster, they should focus on those with objectives. This includes modes outside of Team Deathmatch, mainly. Capturing a Domination flag or planting a bomb in Search and Destroy earns additional XP that players can only earn in that game mode.

Additionally, players can try out Champion Hill. Through some testing, winning a Champion Hill match with around 10 kills earns anywhere from 30,000-40,000 XP for the player’s level.

Of course, players will also need to play well if they want to level up quicker in any game mode. The more kills players get, the more XP they’ll earn.

Play the Blitz playlist

The last tried and true method to rank up in Vanguard is to play Blitz. This is a new combat pacing game mode in Vanguard that puts more players on the map. It can go up to 24v24 on certain maps and makes for hectic matches. However, throughout the craziness, players will have the opportunity to get massive amounts of kills, as there are so many enemies on the map.

It might take some time for players to adjust to the pacing but, once they do, Blitz is perhaps the best way to earn XP in Vanguard.

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