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Octane is a great legend for getting up close quick and making aggressive plays. But Apex Legends’ High Speed Daredevil has some unique traits that also make him a strong, if unconventional sniper.

Long-range ordnance

One of Octane’s secret abilities is that, when Stimmed, he throws grenades much farther than other legends. Make sure to carry lots of Arc Stars and Thermite Grenades, and practice your pitching arm. Most snipers assume that they are safe from throwables. Ruin their day by forcing them off their roost with a well-placed projectile!

Vertical mobility

Just like Pathfinder, Octane can get a lot of distance fast with his tactical ability. Your Jump Pad is on a very short cooldown for an ultimate ability and affords you good vertical mobility too. Use these two together to quickly occupy a good high ground spot to snipe from. Try to find a combination of cover and vision that would let you safely harass the enemy team and prevent any sneaky flanks.

Health management

Sniper battles in Apex Legends are about attrition. They are arguably your best chance to get mileage from your passive healing, which is too slow to save you in a close-up fight. Repair your shield after taking health damage, and carry lots of shield cells and batteries. This should be easy, as sniper rifles work off a single stack of ammo and save room for utility items.

Apex shield cell battery phoenix kit

Rapid repositioning

Even when you choose this play style, Octane is still the fastest operator in Apex Legends. Use your Stim ability when the time is right. If you snipe down an opponent, rush in for the kill! Normally in a sniper fight, their teammates would have the time to pick them up, but Octane is fast enough to close the distance and end that dream.

If you get rushed, Stim and reposition quickly to another safe spot. If there is nowhere to run, you still have a natural edge in close-quarters combat. Sniper rifles are cumbersome, but with Stim you can still out-dance most opponents.

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And there you have it. Octane is anything if not flexible, and using these tips, you can give him a chance as your team’s dedicated sharpshooter. Try it out and let us know how it works out for you!

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