How to play multiplayer in Super Punch-Out!! on Nintendo Switch
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Twitter user Unlisted Cheats recently discovered a readily-accessible multiplayer mode in Super Punch-Out!! for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The two-player game mode went unnoticed for nearly 28 years up to now.

While most gamers probably don’t have a SNES lying around, the method for accessing this mode also works on the Nintendo Switch Online version of the game. Here’s everything players need to know about unlocking multiplayer gameplay in Super Punch-Out!! on the Nintendo Switch.

Unlocking single match mode

The single match mode screen in Super Punch-Out!!
With this new discovery, players can fight any CPU-controlled character in the game in a single match. | Provided by Nintendo

The first step to unlocking this mode is to use a secret code by pressing a certain button combination on the title screen. The button combination Unlisted Cheats shared is based on the SNES controller. As a result, the secret code is slightly different for the Switch version of the game.

On the title screen, players must hold B and SR on the Player 2 Joy-Con. At the same time, they must press the right-most button (or the A button equivalent) on the player one Joy-Con. This will take the player to a character select screen featuring every opposing boxer in the game.

Under normal circumstances, Super Punch-Out!! players can only play through the various circuits and fight enemies in order. However, this screen allows them to play a single match against any boxer of their choosing. It is also crucial for unlocking the game’s secret two-player mode.

How to play multiplayer in Super Punch-Out!!

The character information screen in Super Punch-Out!!
Players will have to input the second secret code on the character information screen. | Provided by Nintendo

From the single match mode screen, Player 1 can select an opponent by pressing minus and SR (or the start button equivalent) on the their controller. Then, a screen will pop up showing information about the enemy character, including their age, height, weight and country of origin.

On this screen, Player 2 must hold B and A on their controller. Meanwhile, Player 1 must press the A button equivalent on their controller to start the match. If done correctly, Player 2 will be able to control the enemy boxer when the match begins.

Notably, the enemy boxers have slightly more options than the game’s normal player character, Little Mac. While Little Mac only has up and mid punches, the enemy boxers can use up, mid and down punches. However, the trade-off is that they cannot hold down to duck like Little Mac.

Even so, they can still dodge by moving the control stick to the side and block by holding up on the control stick. Similarly, the opposing boxers don’t have access to Little Mac’s KO meter, but can use their own special moves by pressing the X or Y buttons.

The multiplayer mode in Super Punch-Out!! is not without its faults; Player 1 has to control Little Mac, which can lead to a major power differential depending on which character Player 2 chooses. Nevertheless, this recent discovery has opened up a new way to play a nearly 30-year-old video game.

Dylan Tate is an alumnus of the Hussman School of Journalism and Media at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He is a gaming journalist with a love for Nintendo esports, particularly Super Smash Bros. and Pokémon.