How to place warning signs for Fortnite Week 14 challenge
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The day of Operation Sky Fire is nearly here and it seems Epic Games wants players to warn the Fortnite Season 7 island. In the Week 14 Legendary Quests, players are tasked with placing warning signs across the map so the residents know about the incoming finale event. These are the final preparations for the Imagined Order as Doctor Slone begins her plan.

This is the final week of quests in Fortnite Season 7 and as with every other challenge like it in Season 7, players need to find the blue outlines of the warning signs on the map. Once they’ve found the blue outline, they can interact with it and it’s considered placed. Of course, players need to know where to find the warning signs before they can place them in Fortnite.

Placing warning signs in Fortnite

For this Legendary Quest, players need to place a total of four warning signs. There are three locations that hold warning signs, so players have some options. However, there’s only one location that holds four warning signs. While players don’t need to complete this challenge in one match, it’s easier if they can visit a location and get all of the signs placed in one go.

The POI in question is Dirty Docks. Players can also visit Misty Meadows or Pleasant Park to find signs but Dirty Docks is the only location seen below.

Fortnite place warning signs
The location of all four warning signs in Dirty Docks. | Provided by Epic Games

Once the blue outlines are found, players can hold the interact button and move onto the next sign. After all four are interacted with, this challenge is complete. Players are then awarded 30,000 XP for their Season 7 Battle Pass.

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