How to pick your house early in Hogwarts Legacy
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The release of Hogwarts Legacy is just one month away, and the hype amongst the community is rapidly building with every passing day. On paper, this is the game that Harry Potter fans have been waiting for since the books and movies became popular in the mainstream media. While we have yet to see if the open-world RPG will truly deliver, there are some ways for players to pass the time until Feb. 10. One way is to choose your Hogwarts Legacy house early, which can be done with a few clicks.

The developers at Avalanche and Warner Bros have confirmed that players will be able to freely choose between the four Hogwarts Houses, Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff. The Sorting Hat will sort players into the House of their choice upon their arrival at Hogwarts.

However, it seems like this process will be just for show, especially if players choose to be sorted before the game even comes out.

Picking your house early in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy House
Provided by WB Games

There are just a few steps to pick your house before the release date of Feb. 10:

  • Go to and either sign into your account or create a new one
  • Go to the Hogwarts Sorting tab and take the quiz to be sorted into your house
  • After you’ve completed the quiz, you’ll see an eight-digit code appear on the screen
  • Copy that code and then go to
  • Log in or create a new account and then paste the eight-digit code that you received on Wizarding World
  • This links your account to your Wizarding World account, and it will save your house selection

If you’ve done everything correctly, you’ll have been sorted into your house and linked your Wizarding World/WB Games accounts together. When you first log into Hogwarts Legacy using your WB Games account, your pre-selected house will already be a part of your journey.

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