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Infinite Craft gives players a complete sandbox world to create their own wild combinations, and as a result, you can even make the Sun.

That’s right, the giant glowing object in our sky is made up of a bunch of item combinations, at least in Infinite Craft it is, and to help save you time and frustration, we’ve got a complete guide on how to make it.

Making Sun in Infinite Craft

It will take you 20 combinations to get to Sun from scratch when playing Infinite Craft. Obviously, the more you play the quicker you can reach this solution, but for the sake of new players, we have crafted our guide only beginning with what is available in your first moments playing the game.

Here is the order of crafting you should follow to create the Sun.

  1. Water + Wind = Wave
  2. Plant + Plant = Tree
  3. Wave + Tree = Surfboard
  4. Water + Water = Lake
  5. Lake + Lake = Ocean
  6. Ocean + Water = Fish
  7. Fire + Fire = Volcano
  8. Volcano + Fire = Lava
  9. Water + Lava = Stone
  10. Fish + Stone = Fossil
  11. Fossil + Earth = Oil
  12. Oil + Fire = Fuel
  13. Tree + Fuel = Paper
  14. Surfboard + Ocean = Surfer
  15. Paper + Surfer = Paperboy
  16. Paperboy + Paper = Newspaper
  17. Fuel + Fire = Engine
  18. Engine + Engine = Rocket
  19. Rocket + Newspaper = Space
  20. Space + Fire = Sun

If you follow these correctly you will wind up with the Sun. While it might seem annoying, or frustrating with how many combinations there are, following along one at a time shouldn’t take you too long.

For those who want more of a challenge, we suggest following this guide for the first few combinations and then seeking out the rest on your own. Of course, we also understand if you just want to get to Sun as quickly as you can and you can easily do that by following the steps.

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