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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom brings Zelda fans to a very diverse world full of tricky terrains and unusual substances, making Link overcome additional challenges to complete quests. Just like in Breath of the Wild, you’ll encounter rocky cliffs that are difficult to climb when it’s raining or icy, meaning your Stamina bar will deplete.

If you’re looking to overcome these added complications and conquer slippery surfaces, you’ll want to craft Sticky Elixirs. Sticky Elixirs are luckily quite easy to craft and will provide you with an advantage next time you need to overcome some less-than-ideal terrain.

How to craft a Sticky Elixir in Tears of the Kingdom

Sticky Lizard - The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Guide - IGN

The Sticky Elixir is a new recipe to Tears of the Kingdom but it’s easy to learn and do! You’ll just need a Sticky Frog or Sticky Lizard and then any other monster parts you have handy. Combine these in a cooking pot. This can be any cooking pot, including the Zonai Portable Pot.

Sticky Lizards are usually found in caves and tunnels. Sticky Frogs are found near bodies of water and inside caves. While exploring, you may also come across Sticky Elixirs in treasure chests throughout Hyrule. You can also find some inside Shrines.