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Infinite Craft is a game that gives players a complete sandbox to make terms using a combination of other words. It’s a simple premise, however, reaching something specific can be quite the task.

One of the most fun ways to play Infinite Craft is to challenge yourself to get to a particular phrase in the shortest amount of time. Sometimes getting there requires you to memorize other recipes, and one of these is the New York.

Yes, you can create the iconic location inside of Infinite Craft, and it happens to be one of the easier terms to reach.

Making New York in Infinite Craft

A white screen with 16 boxes, including Beer, Sharknado, Leaf, and more.
Screenshot via Upcomer

Fortunately reaching New York in Infinite Craft is extremely simple. You won’t need to complete around 10 combinations to get there so it’s something that you can pretty much do whenever you need.

Here is the best method we’ve seen to get to New York from a completely fresh start in Infinite Craft:

  1. Earth + Earth = Mountain
  2. Water + Water = Lake
  3. Mountain + Fire = Volcano
  4. Volcano + Water = Lava
  5. Lava + Water = Stone
  6. Stone + Stone = Boulder
  7. Stone + Lake = Lighthouse
  8. Boulder + Lighthouse = Statue of Liberty
  9. Statue of Liberty + Water = New York

It’s that simple! Now that you’ve got New York in your Infinite Craft library you can use it to make a variety of other terms. Remember, this isn’t the only way that you can get to New York in Infinite Craft, however, it is the easiest that we’ve been able to find so we’d suggest using it if you’re in a rush.

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