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Who doesn’t want to make Money? Unfortunately, it’s not the currency, it’s the word, but you can easily make it in Infinite Craft.

One of the great terms to use when experimenting and crafting is Money, but it can be tough to unlock for many players. If you’re in that situation don’t stress! We have a simple and easy way to unlock Money in Infinite Craft today.

Making Money in Infinite Craft

Making money in Infinite Craft
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Making Money in Infinite Craft will take you a number of steps, and the best way we’ve found to get there is a total of 17. The good news is that you don’t need to have played before to get there using this method.

Here is a direct line from a fresh Infinite Craft game to make the term Money:

  1. Water + Wind = Wave
  2. Fire + Wind = Smoke
  3. Fire + Water = Steam
  4. Earth + Wind = Dust
  5. Water + Wave = Tsunami
  6. Smoke + Wind = Cloud
  7. Earth + Steam = Mud
  8. Dust + Fire = Ash
  9. Cloud + Tsunami = Rainbow
  10. Ash + Mud = Clay
  11. Earth + Water = Plant
  12. Clay + Rainbow = Pot of Gold
  13. Mud + Rainbow = Pig
  14. Dust + Plant = Pollen
  15. Pig + Pot of Gold = Piggy Bank
  16. Plant + Pollen = Flower
  17. Flower + Piggy Bank = Money

As you’d expect there are other methods to get to Money, but from our testing, this one is the best. If you want to make things a challenge we’d suggest starting with some of these terms as a basis and then exploring other options to get to Money.

If you want to unlock Money now then you can use the above solution to get it done today.

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